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Petit Arbre
15 December 2017 @ 09:38 pm
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Petit Arbre
18 March 2015 @ 01:32 pm
I'm gonna try to participate in the 5 acts exchange, which is basically an exchange of art and fiction (in french) where people draw or write things according to others' participant list of fandoms and kinks. The exchange runs from march 19th to april 26th.

Kinks :
- Blood (fetishization of wounds; blood-play; blood as lube; vampirism)
- Body-painting or inkbrushing on someone's skin
- Restraint (pinning someone down; pushing someone's arm up behind their back during sex; covering or clasping someone's hands to prevent movement)
- Urgency for sex (begging to suck cock; desperate to fuck; greedy bottom)
- Washing (washing one's partner, body or hair; bubble baths; shower scenes; slave service in bath; cleaning/cleansing someone who's been raped, degraded, or who is injured)

Fandoms :
♥ World Trigger - MurakamixKuga, YoneyaxNarasaka, KarasumaxIzumi, ReijixKazama sont mes couples favoris du moment mais du moment que c'est du wt (et vu l'obscurité du fandom) quasi toutes les pairings sont ok
- Barakamon : HiroxSei
- Daiya : SanadaxRaichi
- Detective Conan/Magic Kaito : KurobaxHakuba
- Durarara!! : ShizuoxIzaya
- GiantKilling : SakaixSera
- Hell's Kitchen : MorisakixNakarai
- Kuroko no basket : Kiyoshi Teppei x Hayama Kotarou (je précise le nom complet tellement la pairing est rare x_x), AoxSakurai, KagamixHimuro, MayuzumixAkashi
- Magi : MasrurxSharkkan, SinbadxJafar, AlixGyoku
- One Piece : DoflamingoxLaw, CoraxLaw, DoflaxVergoxLaw, ZoroxTashigi
- Nozaki-kun : MayuxMiko
- Yowamushi Pedal : Arakita x Shinkai
- Tôkyô Babylon/X : SeixSub

Les réponses se font sous forme de commentaire avec l'en-tête suivant : [fic/art] - Fandom - Kink - Rating - Titre
Petit Arbre
19 November 2014 @ 03:32 pm

Hi ! I'm selling a self-made doujin and some watercolor picture card.

Doujin is centered on Kuroko, Kagami, Himuro and Murasakibara. It contains some short comics in english + illustrations. Gen story with bl hints. Slight humor. 26 pg in total.

Doujin price : $4 + shipping (from Malaysia)

You can see page samples on storenvy : http://guntaabee.storenvy.com/

For the watercolor cards, each one features a different chara : Kuroko, Kise, Murasakibara, Akashi or Himuro on a 5x7 watercolor paper. Price is $2.50 for one. Cards can be seen on storenvy or on tumblr.

If you buy one doujin + one card (as long as stock last), price would be $6 + shipping.

As long as it's possible, I'll try to ship the product(s) as letter to reduce the shipping cost.

Feel free to ask if you've got any questions.

Petit Arbre
01 June 2014 @ 11:16 am
Panier gourmand
où Kuro et co se mettent à table

Panier gourmand est un blog à visée collaborative proposant des fanworks de mangas sportifs (ex : Kuroko no Basket, Daiya no A, Yowamushi Pedal, etc.) autour du thème de la nourriture. Bien que le but premier soit de rassembler des fancomics, fanarts et fanfics sont les bienvenus et tous les artistes qui le souhaitent peuvent participer.

Le blog a ouvert le 24 et aujourd'hui, la première partie du projet a été lancée ! Du 1er au 22, découvrez chaque jour un nouveau fanwork d'eleithel, jun, kichee, soumakyo (ou moi). BD, illustrations, strips ou autres… Pas mal de Kuroko no Basket et aussi d'autres séries sportives comme Free ou Daiya no A.

eng : Panier Gourmand is a food-themed sport manga fanwork collaborative project. The 1st part runs from today to the 22th of june & will feature a new fanwork each day. Despite the site being in french, there will be a huge amount of illustrations so don't hesitate to drop by and if possible, spread the word.